Mandakani Yoga


Things you should know about us. This is a space for people of all ages, beliefs, sizes, and abilities. We use high quality Manduka yoga mats at our studio, should you need to borrow one, and have multiple props to offer our students to help make practice feel just right. Our teachers are all wonderfully trained, and have an abounding passion for continued learning, each with their own unique flair, so that you can be offered a practice that is safe, and inclusive. We warmly welcome you to join us, to move your body, to settle your mind, and connect with your truest, highest self.


Current Happenings


Prenatal Yoga - November 3rd 12:15 - 1:00

Building A Yoga Practice - November 7th, 6:30

Yoga With My Om-ies - Tween Yoga - November 5th, 5:45

Yoga For Kids - November 7th, 5:45