V-day with the fam jam.

     Me and Nigel don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, we never really have.  We usually just make a nice meal, a fun dessert, and spend time together.  No presents.  No flowers.  Usually wine.  We typically put the kids to bed a bit early and just enjoy some down time.  

     This year we switched it up a bit.  We had a "romantic" family candlelit dinner.  I was talking to Heather who has the blog "Audrey's Upper Story" this morning at yoga, and she mentioned that she was having lobster for dinner.  That was in my mind for the afternoon.  So while we were out we grabbed two live lobsters to incorporate with dinner.   We made two different dishes, cheese tortellini with lobster and blush sauce, and mushroom ravioli with spinach in a garlic butter sauce.  


     After dinner we got to spend a little time talking about what we all liked about Valentine's Day, and sharing snuggles by the candle light.  Now...to enjoy the rest of this snowy night snuggled up on the couch, watching movies with my 5 valentines.