Sh!t I learned form my kids - A mothers biggest everyday fear.

     There are things that you get ready for while expecting your first child.  Obsessively reading "What To Expect When You're Expecting", "What To Expect In The First Year", blogs, magazine articles.  You have learned all there is to know about detecting viruses, potty training tips, how to pintrest your child's room into an oasis.  But there is something that you will never be quite ready for until you have that beautiful creature in your arms.  The fear of waking a sleeping child.

     I was up bright and early today.  I quietly read a few articles in the warmth of my bed, snuggled up with my hubby and our two dogs.  I sat there, enjoying the stillness of the morning.  After finishing my reading, I pulled back the covers, tiptoed up the stairs, careful not to make a single creak.  I lit my incense.  Shit.  I left my yoga mat in the car last night.  Should I...  No. No.  Don't open the front door.  The dogs will bark, wake all the kids up, and end this beautiful silence.

     So instead, I opened up the yoga trunk, grab out one of the extra mats.  I set it down on the floor, gently kick it out, ready to connect with the universe. I steped onto it with my chilly feet.  I spend a few minutes getting centered, breathing, tuning into the feelings in my body.  I slowly worked through a few rounds of surya namaskar a, and a few of surya namaskar b.  As I moved through my postures and vinyasas, I came to be in mermaid pose.  I fell.  Like, a face plant.  Instead of worring about my ego, worrying about what I did that tipped my balance, I only had one worry.  I am going to wake up the friggin kids.  Rather then chance this situation again, I finished up my flow with some nice, quiet, seated postures.  Because, somedays,  quiet gentle practice is better then throwing in the towel, or awakening the sheer chaos that is Saturday morning breakfast.

Laughing through the chaos,